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25 October 2023

Brighton Bard releases new book supporting BHAFC Foundation

Brighton Bard releases new book supporting BHAFC Foundation

The Brighton Bard has released a new book, which captures the Albion’s historic 2022/23 season in rhyme.

Wins, Grins & Limbs, a poetic review of Brighton & Hove Albion’s best-ever season, has today been released by Jonathan Bradshaw (a.k.a The Brighton Bard).

A lighthearted journey through the highs and lows of the club’s 2022/23 season, Jonathan’s first book is a compilation of poems he shared on social media or composed especially for the book.

The book will be supporting the BHAFC Foundation – £5 from every sale will go towards supporting our life-changing work across Sussex.

Wins, Grins & Limbs is available to purchase from today (Wednesday 25 October) in the club superstore at the American Express Stadium, at the club pop-up shop in Churchill Square, and online here.

In addition to comprehensive match details, each game of the season is documented with a pre and post-match rhyme as well as 15 in-match rhymes, giving a minute-by-minute account of the action.

Complementing Jonathan’s words are over 270 full colour photographs from the season provided by the club’s senior photographer Paul Hazlewood.

“Last season was so momentous in the history of the club, I wanted to be able to capture it in some way,” Jonathan said.

“Collecting together some of the short rhymes and reflections I’d written throughout the season seemed a good way of documenting the emotions that came with each match, and the overwhelming joy as we achieved a top six finish and the dream of Europe became a reality.

“Creating the book involved analysing every match in detail and has been a labour of love, but I hope the result is a book that helps take fans back to some of the most momentous games in our club’s history.

“I’m also hoping that by directing some of the book’s proceeds to the club’s official charity, Brighton & Hove Albion Foundation, it will contribute in a small way to support the amazing work they do in communities across Sussex.”

Matt Dorn, Chief Executive, Brighton & Hove Albion Foundation said: “We’re delighted that, through the purchase of Wins, Grins & Limbs, you’ll be directly supporting the work that we do. Reaching more than 5,000 people every week, and around 20,000 people a year, the Foundation brings the Albion badge directly into local communities in 35 towns and cities across Sussex.

“Our work really is a group effort; a concerted attempt from so many organisations to use football’s massive appeal to change lives.”

Buy the Bard’s book here.


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