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Policy statement

Brighton & Hove Albion Foundation (Foundation) seeks to give its customers and donors the
highest standard of service possible in all areas and welcomes the
comments of all participants and those who come into contact with our
organisation. These views may be expressed as compliments, comments or
complaints. Where complaints do arise, the Foundation will ensure that they are
resolved promptly and fairly.

The Foundation will seek to learn from valid complaints and will make changes to
operating procedures and practices where necessary.


This policy covers all complaints made by participants, parents/guardians,
beneficiaries, stakeholders, donors and members of the general public.

This policy does not cover the following issues:

  • Individual employment issues which are the subject of separate procedures
  • Contractual disputes
  • Matters that are already the subject of legal action

The Foundation reserves the right not to investigate complaints that are considered to
be vexatious or malicious.

Policy aims

To ensure that Foundation has in place procedures to resolve complaints as
quickly and as fairly as possible.

To ensure equality of treatment for beneficiaries, participants and

To support the Foundation’s mission and uphold its values.

Definition of a complaint

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not,
about any aspect of Brighton & Hove Albion Foundation.


The Foundation will do its utmost to resolve any dissatisfaction through managers or
staff addressing any complaint or grievance at the time of the event. If this is
not possible the following procedure will be followed:

Informal process: the Foundation take informal concerns seriously with
the hope of the concern not developing into a formal complaint. In the
first instance, the Foundation will do its utmost to resolve any dissatisfaction
through managers or staff addressing any complaint or grievance
informally. Should the matter not be resolved informally, or not be
appropriate for informal discussion (for example, should it involve an
issue of safeguarding), then the matter should be reported formally.

Formal process: A formal complaint should always be made by
email or letter to the relevant manager of the relevant department.

  • The complaint will be acknowledged within two working days of receipt.
  • We aim to send a full response after ten working days, however if the matter requires further investigation we will respond to the complainant with a timescale for response.
  • If, after the full response, the complaint is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, it will be referred to the Foundation Chief Executive Officer who will monitor all previous correspondence and respond within 28 days of receipt of appeal.
  • If, after this response, the complaint is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, they will, if necessary, refer it on to the Chair of the Foundation Board of Trustees for final arbitration within 28 days of receipt of appeal.
  • This final arbitration will be delivered to the complainant by letter, phone or meeting.
  • Any complaint made against a Foundation manager will be dealt with by a member of the Senior Management Team. Any complaint made against the Chief Executive Officer will be dealt with by the Chair of the Foundation Trustees.


All complaints will be monitored in accordance with current legislation. All
complaints, and the Foundation response to them, will be reviewed annually by senior
management and other staff representatives as appropriate, and ‘good
practice’ incorporated into future guidelines. Confidentiality will be

Equalities, diversity and inclusion

Complaints linked to equalities, diversity and inclusion are dealt with fully
within the Equality Policy. The Foundation regards all of the forms of discriminatory behaviour, as unacceptable. A zero-tolerance approach will be taken and
appropriate action will be taken.

If a stakeholder or participant believes they have been treated in such a way
that is in direct conflict with the Equality Policy, the matter should normally be
reported immediately to a manager or a member of the HR team. All
allegations will be taken seriously and investigated promptly and impartially.

If you require a reasonable adjustment because you are a disabled person
and unable to contact us in writing, please contact the Foundation for details of how
you can register your complaint, or discuss your adjustment needs with us.

Safeguarding concerns and complaints

Where a complaint is made about the behaviour or practice of a member of
staff which has implications for the safety and wellbeing of children and young
people, including where an allegation of abuse against a child or young
person is made, the complaint will be dealt with within the Foundation’s Safeguarding
Policy and Procedure.


If the complaint is about fundraising and the complainant is not satisfied with
the outcome, the complaint can be taken to the Fundraising Regulator within
two months of the charity’s response via their online complaints form or by
calling: 0300 999 3407.

The Fundraising Regulator sets the Code of Fundraising Practice for the UK.
They set and maintain standards for charitable fundraising, aim to ensure that
fundraising is respectful open, honest and accountable to the public and
regulate fundraising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


All individuals should feel able to raise any bona fide grievance or
complaint related to such behaviour without fear of being penalised for doing
so. Reports of allegations will be treated in a private and confidential manner.

Related policies

  • Equality Policy
  • Children and Young People Safeguarding policy
  • Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding policy
  • Fundraising Policy


This policy will be reviewed every 3 years or upon a change in
legislation, circumstance or relevant incident.

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