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More Than Football programme

More Than Football is a project that supports men aged 30 to 50 years old with their mental health by connecting them to like minded people through regular football sessions.

The sessions provide an opportunity for physical exercise and to build friendships with a facilitated half time and cool-down chat that focus on making men feel comfortable about talking about their lives.

Supporting mental wellbeing

We provide a range of mental health interventions both on and off the pitch including physical activity and football sessions that can help improve symptoms like depression and stress, can lead to increased confidence and self-esteem, and can help to reduce anxiety.

At the moment, we are running three weekly football sessions focused on mental wellbeing. These are for anyone aged 16 and over and they are turn up and play. You can see below all the details:


We also offer educational workshops in schools and the community promoting healthy lifestyles and mental wellbeing.

If you need support and want to know more about how we can help click below.

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