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21 June 2024

Brighton kids enjoy nutrition class at Community Hub

Brighton kids enjoy nutrition class at Community Hub

Pupils from Queen’s Park Primary School were invited to the Foundation’s Community Hub for an interactive nutrition workshop.

A class of pupils visited the Community Hub on Freshfield Road for a special series of lessons taught by BHAFC Foundation nutritionist, Mari.

They learned about the importance of eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables, and how to fit them into their diets with easy and tasty recipes.

The children then got to try out chopping vegetables to make their own healthy lunches, before a smoothie making masterclass in the afternoon.

The visit was part of the Foundation’s Gully’s Health Squad programme. Through Gully’s Health Squad, our team visit schools across the county for ten weeks to give pupils all the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices and prepare simple dishes.

Nutritionist Mari was delighted with how engaged the pupils from Queen’s Park were during the workshops.

“All of the children were ready to learn, engaged, and well behaved.

“Learning about healthy eating is so important for kids of that age, so it was great to see how much they all paid attention.

“They all had lots of fun, and a few of them enjoyed some foods they had never tried before.

“They made some really tasty lunches and smoothies. Hopefully they’ll remember today and make healthier choices as they go through life.”

Gully’s Health Squad is funded by the Premier League and PFA Community Fund, which supports clubs to develop partnerships to tackle inequality and respond to local challenges.

Find out more about how we support community wellbeing across Sussex.


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