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17 January 2024

Getting young people on the right track – International Mentoring Day

Getting young people on the right track – International Mentoring Day

January 17th is International Mentoring Day – a day to celebrate to wisdom, guidance, and support of mentors all over the world.

Here at the BHAFC Foundation, mentoring is a big part of our mission to change lives through the power of football.

We work with around 5,000 children every single week, and each of our tutors, coaches, and leaders all play their part in mentoring our young people and being positive role models.

We also run several programmes specifically designed to reach out to young people who need guiding onto the right path through life.


Reboot is one such programme. Reboot supports young people aged 10-17 who are at risk of being affected by serious violence and knife crime.

Many of the young people in Reboot have been referred to us by Sussex Police. Our mentors then intervene in their lives through a 12-week course, designed to help them; grow in confidence, create and achieve personal goals, and learn how to manage their emotions and behaviour.

“Football is definitely the biggest ‘carrot’, so to speak, to reach young people and reward them for participating,” says Duke, who oversees Reboot.

“If we can work with young people using the stadium, using facilities around the football club, that’s one incentive that works straight away.

“Football is a catalyst for any young person in education. Some of these young people might have never even stepped into a football stadium before, so the power of football is absolutely massive.”

Targeted Kicks

Targeted Kicks is a branch of Premier League Kicks – a national programme providing free football sessions to children in deprived neighbourhoods – that focuses specifically on young people at risk of serious youth violence.

Open to children aged 8-12, Targeted Kicks mentors work one-to-one with young people help them to develop the personal skills and support networks they need to achieve and move forward in their lives.

The 12-week programme involves an intensive personal development programme, tailored support from a mentor, and the opportunity to progress into a tailored youth leadership programme with support to gain skills and qualifications.

As well as all of this, the young people can simply relax and enjoy themselves at a football session every week.

All of this gives children a strong role model, a positive outlet for their energy, and something to look forward to every week.

Find out more about our mentoring work.


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